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A Great Gift



    Someone recently asked me what I would consider a great pastoral anniversary gift. I quickly thought about some of the gifts that I had received over the years. The books, the wall plaques, the pictures, and a variety of religious knick-knacks that adorn my book- shelves. Now, I consider each one of these gifts to be very valuable and precious because I associate each gift with the person who gave it to me. But as I thought about it, what I would consider a good gift would be for people to show up each Sunday to church services. Now, an even better gift or a great gift would be for people to show up each Wednesday for Bible study.


I know we have a few members that know everything there is to know about the Bible. At least they know more than I do. I'm not talking about those individuals because my Bible study wouldn't benefit them. However, there are a lot of members who would at least benefit in learning how to effectively lead someone to salvation in Jesus Christ by attending Bible study.


Some of our members show up to Bible study every now and then, but you can't learn much through casual, occasional learning. All Christians should be actively involved with learning how to live right before God through an ongoing Bible study. You are never too young or too old to learn about important biblical principles for walking in the Spirit. You'll never doubt Him if you know all about Him.


The reason .  I feel that your attendance in Bible study would be a great gift to me is because it would be something we both would benefit in, and God would be glorified. Think about it! .  I know you can fit Bible study into your schedule.


If you can find time to go to, let's say, .Joe Louis Arena on a
Wednesday evening, I'm sure you can find time to learn about God.


Your Servant in Christ,

Rev. Charles D. Twymon