A Brief History of Macedonia



 Pastor Forest D. Mills




 Pastor Junius Watson






Macedonia Baptist Church was founded by God, built by Jesus Christ, established by the Holy Spirit, and organized under the leadership of the Reverend Forest D. Mills in the year of our Lord 1920.  The first worship service was held Sunday, January 25, 1920 in a small house behind the home located at 5201 Yemans Street in the village of Hamtramck, Michigan.  This house served as a place of worship until the small congregation purchased land on December 30, 1922, for $595 on a land contract.  A small but adequate church was constructed at 5100 Evaline Street the following year.

Macedonia soon became an oasis to a community that was thirsty for the water of life.  The preaching, teaching, and healing ministry of Pastor Mills brought comfort to a community going through the economic decline of the Great Depression of 1929 and early 1930s.  In 1937, Pastor Mills’ health prevented him from fulfilling his pastoral duties.  The church then called the Reverend Junius A. Watson, the son-in-law of Pastor Mills, to serve as the second pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church.  In 1941, Pastor F. D. Mills was called home from labor to reward.

Under the leadership of Pastor Watson, the church membership grew and required more space.  A mortgage was secured on May 31, 1946, to extend the church’s sanctuary.  This mortgage was discharged December 6, 1948.  In 1948 and 1950, two parcels of land were purchased two blocks away, on the corner of Belmont and Buffalo streets.  On Thanksgiving Day 1953, ground was broken for the construction of a new church facility at 5080 Belmont, Hamtramck, Michigan.  This undertaking was a strain on a congregation that was determined to pay cash for every brick and block that went into the construction.  Although it would take 21 years to build the new edifice, the congregation was led by a man of great faith and conviction who never lost sight of his vision.  On July 3, 1974, a mortgage of $8,000 was secured to purchase used pews, furniture, and fixtures.  On September 29, 1974, the church’s 54th anniversary, the church marched through the streets to its new church home.

In a new building, the church quickly grew to about 100 members.  Pastor Watson became ill in early 1979, but came off of his sick bed July 8, 1979, to ordain his grandson and associate minister, the Reverend Charles D. Twymon.  On September 9, 1979, with the mortgage discharged and Macedonia debt-free, our beloved pastor of 42 years went home from labor to reward.  Reverend Twymon was elected to serve Macedonia as its third pastor on November 7, 1979, and was officially and formally installed on Sunday, January 13, 1980.

Pastor Twymon and a membership of about 125 wasted no time in preparing for a harvest of souls.  A second mortgage for $50,000 was secured on July 21, 1980.  With this loan, central air conditioning was installed and ground was broken for a fellowship hall addition.  This construction was completed in 1982 and the mortgage was discharged on November 5, 1986.  During the remainder of the 1980s, the sanctuary was remodeled, and a new library, kitchen, nursery, and two restrooms were constructed.  The membership tripled in size to more than 400 members.  It became clear that our membership was coming from all over the Detroit metropolitan area and we had outgrown our church facility.  All efforts to remain in Hamtramck were overruled by God.  The Lord spoke to Pastor Twymon and gave him a vision to “launch out into the deep and let down your net for a catch.”

Pastor Twymon revealed his vision to the congregation for a larger worship facility and the search began in 1993.  Our quest ended in July of 1997 when we secured our present facility at 14221 Southfield Road in Detroit, Michigan.  After eight months of extensive renovations and with a motorcade of 100 cars, we moved from Hamtramck to Detroit into our new spacious 33,000 square foot church home on April 5, 1998, by God’s grace, debt-free and without a mortgage.

God has continued to bless our church, both spiritually and physically.  Our membership has grown in the Word of God and new ministries have been developed to enhance effective spiritual and practical growth in the lives of individuals.  Our membership has grown to more than 700 and in 2002 an 8:00 a.m. Sunday worship service was added to accommodate our new growth.  The Lord continues to add  to the church daily.  We celebrate God's grace and goodness, for we are assured it is the Lord who has built this house.