Macedonia  Deacons


Deacon Board

Deacon James Ross, Chairman
Deacon Albert Carnes
Deacon Johnny Allen
Deacon Eugene Atchison
Deacon Robert Cottrell
Deacon Major Clora
Deacon Robert Jeter
Deacon Michael Locke
Deacon Lewis Redden
Deacon Oscar Russell
Deacon George Shack
Deacon James Shorter





























Deacons Ministry


Macedonia Deacons are the servant models in the church.  The Deacon body serves under the leadership of the Pastor and assist him in ministering to the church in order to free him for prayer and Bible study. The Deacons support and work with the Pastor in the following ways:



  1. Provide and distribute elements for communion.
  2. Prepare the baptismal pool and candidates for baptism.
  3. Act as custodians of benevolent offerings and provide for the welfare of the under-privileged and needy.
  4. Distribute benevolence to nonprofit charitable institutions.
  5. Assist the Pastor as needed.
  6. Provide leadership in expounding scripture.
  7. Direct and conduct devotional services on Sundays.
  8. Direct and conduct prayer service on Wednesdays.
  9. Visit the sick and shut-in.







  (Acts 6:1-6)


A. Full of the Holy Spirit.

B. Full of wisdom.

C. Full of faith.


    (I Timothy 3: 8-10, 12-13)

A. Worthy of respect.

B. Sincere.

C. Not indulging in much wine.

D. Not pursuing dishonest gain.

E. The husband of one wife.

F. Manages his children and household well, giving evidence of spiritual leadership in the home and modeling the biblical family.